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Hey everyone! Helloooo new followers! :D

How are we all doing with the hiatus so far, hmm? I’ve been coping by writing fic and rereading all my old favorites. But I’ve also watched “New New York” three times and “Old Dog New Tricks” twice since the 4th of July, so go ahead and pick your definition of “coping.”

BTW, is anyone else going to the TLOS3 party in Skokie tomorrow? (Shout-out to Chicagoland, see everyone there!)

So, after that ask about Klaine which posts were the most popular, I thought I’d track down the most popular non-Klaine posts for those of you who asked! (This does not include texts about Kurt by himself or Blaine by himself, because even separated, their numbers still dominate.) (This list probably isn’t 100% accurate since these are harder to track down, because they’re not under one tag like the Klaine texts and it’s unusual when a non-Klaine text gets more than 200 notes…) So:

258 (Puck)

241 (Adam - with bonus Kurt)

215 (Sebastian)

211 (Sebastian again - with bonus Blaine)

205 (Cooper)

And the winner… Quinn, with 395!

Anyway, I hope everybody’s having a fantastic summer so far. As always, the ask box is open, so come say hi! Thanks for all your likes/reblogs! Keep it wanky! x

notes from the admin

Hey everyone!

Just want to give 3 cheers to the mobile app for publishing my personal-tumblr queue here instead of there, where it was supposed to go… aaand now the posts are gone, lol.

Tech rant over. Back to making texts. :)